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BusinessRiver is a gated platform encompassing over 30 different communities operating in the Global economy.

We organise more than 20 of Ireland's most prestigious business awards programmes and partner with the leading professional bodies, Government bodies and national media organisations.

We also operate a global network of industry peer meetings under our Peer Club brand.

Partners and Supporters include:


By the numbers:


17 of the 20 biggest organisations in the state engage BusinessRiver to build their B2B network.


Our gated network includes senior executives across 30 major verticals in the Irish economy.


Overall, 70% of the top 1,000 companies in Ireland work with us each and every year.


Over 35,000 business leaders will engage through our platform and services this year.


In excess of 130,000 business professionals will come through our content & event touchpoints.                   Phone: +353 1 906 0686

Read about our awards programme in The Irish Times here.